As we continue to grow, advertisers will continue to help keep growing and adding more content daily. As a result, from time to time, we will spotlight our advertisers in a professional manner and this is the first of those advertiser spotlights. We encourage everyone to check out the services provided by each of our advertisers including Advanced Sports Labs below.

Advanced Sports Labs - MMA Blood TestingAdvanced Sports Labs is a company dedicated to providing blood work and medical services to participants involved in the MMA community. Offering MMA blood testing services including the popular MMA Combative Trio for $85 which covers the standard Hepatitis B & C and HIV tests, the Ohio-based company also offers much more. In addition to MRIs and CT Scans, Advanced Sports Labs also offers custom nutrition plans and has thousands of affiliate locations across the USA.

Founded on a vision that medical services and blood work should be affordable to all,  Advanced Sports Labs has become one of the leading providers of Blood Testing Services, MRI’s, CAT Scans and much more for the MMA & boxing communities through the use of our nationwide network. We have developed a Blood Work Management System that puts you in complete control of your blood work.  Every client or patient that comes into Advanced Sports Labs receives a unique login to our secure medical website, providing them with complete access to their results, valuable information, as well as the ability to share and communicate with our staff and other peers.

It’s clear to all of the top names in the MMA industry that you should be using ASL for all your MMA blood test and medical needs.

Visit Advanced Sports Labs online or call  888.340.4644 to schedule an appointment today!