It seems that EA are wasting no time already at work producing the next UFC video game since the official announcement at E3 2012 in June.

It’s a funny story, and also one that really emphasises the UFC’s impact over the past few years. Before the release and production of the “UFC Undisputed 2009” video game, (the UFCs first major video game with a major gaming company) according to Dana White the UFC had approached EA hoping they would pick the UFC up for a potential video game production. UFC President Dana White then said that the people down at EA told the UFC that the UFC isn’t even a real sport and that they don’t want anything to do with this! Which made the UFC then go to work with THQ to produce the titles “UFC Undisputed 2009, UFC Undisputed 2010” and “UFC Undisputed 3”.

“EA Sports told us, ‘You’re not a real sport. We wouldn’t touch this thing. We want nothing to do with this.'”

Then this is where the birth of the UFC – EA Sports rivalry began when EA actually suddenly decided that MMA has now become a real sport when they released the “EA Sports MMA” video game featuring fighters from Strikeforce after they previously said that they didn’t want anything to do with this.

Now let’s fast forward to 2012. The UFC has already shown huge progress over the past few years in terms of popularity and overwhelming success, an example of this is the deal with FOX and just how they’ve attracted millions more fans around the world than, say, when Tito Ortiz was still champion.

Now the UFC have buried the hatchet with EA and actually announced in June that they have departed with THQ and have started working with EA for the next UFC video game, a huge step for the UFC.

Although may seem irrelevant to the UFC’s current success to some, let’s just look at some of the sports that go to EA for video production.

FIFA games, The Fight Night Series, NHL games, “Madden NFL” Series and the NBA Live Series are all produced by EA.

Right now, all of these sports are more world widely recognized by the general public and for the UFC to continue their strive past “mainstream” and into worldwide recognition with a major video game deal should definitely be seen as a huge accomplishment and a big step.

Being sort of a gamer myself, (if you could call me that!) my problem with the UFC games developed by THQ is that they were to arcade-like. If there is one way to get to our audiences right now in terms of education on the sport is not with a company that develops these games similar to the Street Fighter franchise and one that teaches fans on the technical aspects of the sport because believe it or not, most fans don’t really understand mixed martial arts today. I hear boo’s every time a fight goes to the ground at UFC events! It will be effective for EA to use their signature realism in forms of a video game to simulate what the actual sport is like.

UFC Fighters Cain Velasquez (10-1 MMA 8-1 UFC) and Vitor Belfort (21- 9 MMA 8-5 UFC) look like they have already been called up by EA Sports for their faces for the next game. When Velasquez’s wife, Michelle tweeted:


@cainmma at EA Sports getting photos for the next video game. Should be awesome!

With Vitor Belfort also sharing his experience:


Take a look on this set!! Da só uma olhada nesse set!! #UFCsummit #demais


Ash Doherty Staff Writer

This past week, Anderson Silva shocked fans on the UFC 148 Conference Call when he verbally assaulted Sonnen in a way you wouldn’t expect from “The Spider”.

Recently, UFC President Dana White talked to and told the story behind the headache of getting this fight to happen and what happened behind the scenes of the UFC 148 press conference that took place in Brazil.

“When we did the press conference down in Brazil, Silva hadn’t even agreed to fight him – that fight wasn’t happening. I had them bring Anderson to the place where the press conference was, and we sat in a room for three hours fighting about the fight.”


Usually when press conferences are held, it’s because a fight is being made official but this didn’t seem to be the case primarily.

Dana White also revealed Anderson’s reluctance to even be on the conference call.

“He’s pissed at us about that. He’s genuinely mad and that’s part of the reason he flipped out on the call, because he wasn’t even going to get on the call. Caren Bell found out in Brazil that he wasn’t going to be on the call, and then I made the call and said, ‘You better be on the call.’ And it led right up until the call started.”


Dana White and Anderson Silva have had a history of a rocky road type relationship.

Looking back to his UFC 97 performance against Thales Leites and his performance against Damien Maia at UFC 112, Dana White was definitely not shy of telling the media and fans what he thought about the performances where he said he was disappointed and embarrassed about the fights but that doesn’t mean that Dana White doesn’t credit Silva in the “pound for pound” debate either labelling him as the greatest fighter to ever live “when he’s mentally there”.


Ashley Doherty


The UFC last held an event in the UK at UFC 138, November 5th 2011 where Chris Leben (22-8 MMA 12-7 UFC) was defeated by Mark Munoz (12-2 MMA 7-2 UFC) when he was unable to continue after the second round due to an eye injury marking the first non-title 5 round fight in the promotions history.

The UFC has now announced a return to the UK on September the 29th with Stefan Struve (24-5 MMA 8-3 UFC) to face Stipe Miocic (9-0 MMA 3-0 UFC) in the main event.

Struve and Miocic are both coming off an all heavyweight UFC 146 card where they both picked up stoppage victories on the main card.

Stefan Struve fought Lavar Johnson (17-6 MMA 2-1 UFC) and wasted no time with his plan, pulling guard and tapping Lavar in under 2 minutes with an armbar.

Stipe Miocic who fought just after Stefan Struve’s fight also picked up a stoppage when he faced Shane Del Rosario (11-1 MMA 0-1 UFC), picking up a very violent TKO victory in the second round with impressive ground control.

The two are now scheduled to fight in what should be a very entertaining and interesting heavyweight battle in Nottingham, England.

The UFC so far has announced 6 bouts which will also feature on the card:

Featherweight bout: Andy Ogle vs Akira Corassani

Bantamweight bout: Brad Pickett vs Yves Jabouin

Welterweight bout: Dan Hardy vs Amir Sadollah

Lightweight bout: Paul Sass vs Matt Wiman

Welterweight bout: Che Mills vs Duane Ludwig

Featherweight bout: Jason Young vs Robert Peralta



Ashley Doherty