On Saturday night Miesha Tate once again proved that with heart and determination you can accomplish anything you set out to do. In doing so, she also became the new UFC women’s bantamweight champion of the world.  It was no easy task dethroning Holly Holm and it was a roller-coaster of a ride in the co-main event of UFC 196.

The two women took the first round to get used to timing and tried to establish distance. They didn’t stand and trade much but Holm was definitely the aggressor and she took the round on all the judge’s scorecards.

In the second Miesha came out like a woman on a mission and attacked Holly from everywhere. With just over a minute gone in the round Tate got a huge takedown and immediately went to work.  Tate was trying submissions, landing big punches and overall just dominating the fight.  She never let the champ breath and kept it up for the remainder of the round.  All 3 judges gave the round to Tate 10-8.

The score was even heading into the third round. They started off similar to the first, where both women showed patience and it was a much slower pace. Halfway through the round Miesha looked for a takedown but Holly was able to stuff it.  That was the story for the rest of the round, Holly kept the fight standing was able to land shots on a frustrated Tate.  She never had Tate in trouble but Holm definitely won the third round.

In the 4th Holm continued to stuff Miesha’s takedown attempts and kept the fight at her preferred distance.  She kept landing side-kicks to the body and was doing just enough to win the round.  The champion was up three to one going into the fifth and final round.  One more good round and Holm would have secured her first successful title defense.

Apparently Miesha Tate had other plans in store for the final round. She came out quick and tried to establish herself as the aggressor.  However, for the first three minutes Holm was able to stuff numerous takedown attempts and land some good combinations of her own.  Then at the two minute mark Miesha Tate finally got the fight to the mat and this time she wasn’t letting go.  Holly tried to get to her feet and Tate just dragged her back down.  Miesha quickly took her back, locked in a rear naked choke and bit down on her mouthpiece.  Instead of tapping Holly Holm went to sleep and it was an epic moment in the career of Miesha Tate and women’s MMA overall.

UFC 196 ended up being a night of big upsets and Tate’s was arguably the biggest considering she was on her way to losing the fight. Dana White said afterwards that Ronda Rousey would likely be Miesha Tate’s first title defense and that seemed just fine with her.  For more coverage of UFC 196 keep checking back with Pro Fighting Fans.

Brent Haugh

Pro Fighting Fans Editor/Writer