Middleweight (1/3/14)

I’ve already talked about what happened with Silva in the opening paragraph, but what many people are ignoring is the fact that Weidman has now successfully defended his belt.  Silva’s injury was almost the worst thing that could have happened for Chris.  He already had doubters after his 1st win over Silva and now those doubters will still be there blaming the injury for the loss.  What people are already forgetting is that Weidman dominated the 1st round and almost had Silva finished.  Now I know Silva has certainly come back from that before, but Chris deserves this win and needs to be respected as the champion.  He takes on Vitor Belfort in his next bout and he will have a chance to silence the doubters once again.  For rankings purposes I am going to assume Silva is going to fight again until announced otherwise.

The last middleweight bout also provided a sad moment.  Chris Leben wisely quit on his stool after he was destroyed in the 1st round by a younger and quicker Uriah Hall.  Leben has been a staple in the UFC and has always displayed the warrior spirit that endeared him to fight fans, but it is clear that it is time to hang up the gloves and move on to the next stage of his life.  Hall on the other hand got a much needed win and earned himself more time inside the octagon.  One thing he will need to improve upon is his killer instinct.  He had Leben very hurt several times and was unable to force the ref to step in.  Maybe a fight against someone like Court McGee will be next for Hall.

C – Chris Weidman

1 – Vitor Belfort +1

2 – Lyoto Machida +1

3 – Anderson Silva -2

4 – Ronaldo Souza

5 – Michael Bisping

6 – Luke Rockhold

7 – Francis Carmont

8 – Tim Kennedy

9 – Mark Munoz

10 – Costa Philippou


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