Pound For Pound (1/3/14)

It is very tough to compile this list.  If I keep Silva on here he will be ranked higher than some of his 185lb brethren which doesn’t really make sense.  But I still feel like he is a top 10 pound for pound fighter.  In the end I decided to put Ronda Rousey in the top 10 P4P and Silva was dropped from the list.

1 – Jon Jones

2 – Jose Aldo

3 – Cain Velasquez

4 – Demetrious Johnson +1

5 – Chris Weidman +2

6 – Renan Barao

7 – Anthony Pettis +1

8 – Johny Hendricks +1

9 – Ronda Rousey +NR

10 – Alexander Gustafsson

*Anderson Silva fell out of the top 10 (previously #4).

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