Women’s Bantamweight (1/3/14)

Ronda Rousey was pushed harder than anyone ever has in her MMA career at UFC 168 and she still absolutely dominated the fight.  Miesha made Rousey work for it, but she was able to lock in her signature armbar in the 3rd round of the fight.  It was an exciting and high paced bout that may have seemed closer than it really was.  Tate had some success in the standup department, but would inexplicably try to shoot on an Olympic judo practitioner and the results were what one would expect them to be.  After the fight Ronda furthered her transition into the biggest heel this side of Brock Lesnar by refusing a post fight handshake from her opponent.  Mix that in with her less than stellar portrayal on The Ultimate Fighter and you have a great recipe for boos from the crowd which she received for the entire post fight process.  At the post fight press conference Dana officially announced Rousey will take on Olympic medalist Sara McMann in her next bout at UFC 170.  In a move I thought was very insulting to Miesha Tate, the UFC already had the fight posters for Rousey-McMann printed up and were handing them out that night.  The Rousey-McMann fight will be a huge fight and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to it.

C – Ronda Rousey

1 – Cat Zingano

2 – Sara McMann

3 – Alexis Davis

4 – Jessica Eye +1

5 – Amanda Nunes +1

6 – Sarah Kaufman +1

7 – Miesha Tate -3

8 – Liz Carmouche

9 – Jessica Andrade

10 – Bethe Correia

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