UFC Results: Future UFC Fight Cards & Past UFC Results


Find all of the UFC results from the latest Ultimate Fighting Championship events online here at Pro Fighting Fans. Whether you are looking for 2013 UFC fight results or the winners from past UFC fights, we are here for you, the fan, to provide UFC results for current and historical UFC fights and provide you with a source for all of the best UFC information online. From July 2010’s UFC 116 results to the early UFC fights and fight cards for future UFC events, we will provide all of the UFC results time will allow. Be sure to check out all of this great info on the Ultimate Fighting Championship below and don’t miss out on the UFC schedule of upcoming events and the great selection of UFC clothing & apparel available online here at ProFighting-fans.com. You can also find historic WEC resultsStrikeforce results and more.

Future UFC Fight Cards:

  • UFC 157 fight card & results
  • UFC 158 fight card & results
  • UFC 159 fight card & results


2013 UFC Results:

2012 UFC Results:

2011 UFC Results:


2010 UFC Results:

2009 UFC Results:

2008 UFC Results:

2007 UFC Results:

2006 UFC Results:

2005 UFC Results:

2004 UFC Results:

2003 UFC Results:

2002 UFC Results:

2001 UFC Results:

2000 UFC Results:

1999 UFC Results:

1998 UFC Results:

1997 UFC Results:

1996 UFC Results:

1995 UFC Results:

1994 UFC Results:

1993 UFC Results:

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